Health and Safety

Checking of the building process, managing and checking of safety and accident prevention on the site. The client’s safety, in the widest meaning of safeguardingfrom all risks linked to responsibility during the development and concretization of the planning and realisation process, is a fundamental part of our activity.

Experience has given us instruments and procedures that allow fixed objectives to be reached, with total control of the building process. Through constant refresher training we have built up specific competencies in management control, activities linked to safety, as well as accident prevention.

  • Valentino - Milano
  • OVS - Verona
  • Autogrill - Motorway Service Station
  • OVS - Lido
  • Banca Sant’Elena - Padova
  • Upim Store - Suzzara
  • Luxottica commercial headquarters - Milan
  • Meininger - Milan
  • Excelsior - Verona