Multi-purpose Building – Agordo

Siis coordinated the workers respecting costs, time and quality.

Project Description

The building is directly located downstream (east side) of the town of Agordo and overlooks the Cordevole stream.

The implementation of the new multi-purpose building required the approval of an alternative urban development plan in order to develop an area for public and private services of local and regional interest, thus for recreational activities, exhibitions, trade shows, sports and entertainment.

This alternative plan involved reviewing the perimeter and expanding the homogeneous territorial area with a new, dedicated access for vehicles, in line with the 30,100 sq.m. ara.

The complex was inspired by the typical formal standards of the tabià architecture of the Agordina valley, and responds to the needs of simple elegance. As in local building tradition, the supporting structure is made of natural wood, always using oblique struts to define the facade and to strengthen the structure.
The pillars, roof beams and cross-bracing struts are made of laminated wood.
The service area structure to the east, included between the terrace and great hall, is made of reinforced concrete.

Siis handled the Project Management, work tender and work management activities needed to implement the building. Moreover, it coordinated the construction of the access road and the urban development of the area. Its presence on the worksite and the right safety procedures adopted made it possible to meet the time and cost requirements established.


Agordo (BL)
30.100 m2
Year of completion:
6.970.000 €
Performed activities:
Project Management; Cost control; Tender management; Work management; Design Safety Coordination - Building Safety Coordination
Initial Budget
Final cost
Duration of the works
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