Luxottica commercial headquarters – Milan

Siis coordinated the workers respecting costs, time and quality.

Project Description

A restructuring project, from the construction work to the electrical and mechanical systems, for the so-called “Luxottica Global Building” in Milan, home to the new headquarters of Luxottica Group s.p.a., whose divisions will cover a total surface area of over 11,000 m2. Situated approximately one kilometre from Piazza del Duomo as the crow flies, this property is right in the heart of Milan, in Via San Nicolao, just behind Piazza Cadorna, one of Milan’s most important historical landmarks.

The property, which dates back to the 1960s, is made up of three buildings with varying heights that are connected together to become a single construction from a functional and aesthetical point of view. Two sections of the property have eight and nine storeys and will be used as offices, in addition to the ground floor which will also play a sales and marketing role. The three levels below ground will be used for storage, technical rooms and car parking, with the two-storey third section being characterised by a hanging garden. This innovative green roof contributes to combating fine particles, reducing temperatures around the built-up area, producing oxygen and regulating atmospheric humidity.

This redevelopment project is characterised by the fact that design and high energy efficiency are very closely linked. The building has been redesigned in a contemporary style, introducing a new image that stands out for its pure geometric shapes and its even, rhythmic layout.
The high-performance façade, with a photocatalytic plaster finish, uses a well-structured play on shapes to interact with shadows and natural sunlight, creating ever-changing and varying effects.
The design team has achieved the objective of creating an environmentally high-quality building, transforming the property from a class G to a class A.
Integrating old and new, architectural quality and energy efficiency: these are the features of this project that have made it such a success story.


Beni Stabili
11.800 m2
Year of completion:
9.600.000 €
Performed activities:
CSP – Coordinatore della sicurezza in fase di progettazione; CSE – Coordinatore della sicurezza in fase di esecuzione; Project Management – per il completamento e la personalizzazione dell’immobile secondo le esigenze del fruitore Luxottica.